Highlights of Zarantech's Training and placement Process.

Published: 19th December 2011
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ZaranTech is a global IT training and consulting services company with just one particular goal in mind - develop and deliver the very best quality consultants to the customers and clients. As a consulting company, we help corporations to their job wiser and grow faster. We work with our clients to have effective organizations, innovate & grow, keep costs down, manage risk & regulation and leverage talent .

ZaranTech concentrates on a Role-specific Training and not a Product-based training. Our Professionals spend a good amount of time in training you on the Role of a BA instead just training you on the BA concepts. And the only reason we do Training is to Place people.

Our 6- STEP Training to Placement process

1. Training & Assignments: Right here at ZaranTech we provide you with Outstanding Training from Certified Corporate trainers who have more than 10 yrs of real-time business experience. We provide you with excellent training material and assignments. The training sessions are certainly interactive with a lot of hands-on training. Trainees will be given private access to the Training Blog which is often used for communicating with students of batch about latest announcements, posts, material, daily assignments, video recordings and comments from class members and trainers. All software downloads will undoubtedly be provided in your class. Trainer also will provide certification guidance after training.

2. Case Study & Real-time project Methodology: Within the last week of your training, the trainer will work with you on a Case Study which happens to be based on a real-time project. This tends to provide you with an understanding of how everything is done in real-time environment. Trainer will also get you familiar with a BAs roles and responsibilities, activities at a client site. The actual concept is to get you familiar of the process, real-time. At this point we are going to also reveal several real-time project documents with you. At this particular step you find out how to focus on a simulated real project, get acquainted with the BA documents and gain confidence to take care of the BA market.

3. Self Study & Resume Preparation: We really want you take a minimum of seven days or 10 days and spend 3-4 hrs per day learning in more detail the content taught in the class. We are going to send you all of the Study material, e-books, certification materials for the same. We provide you with guidance in preparing an excellent resume because your resume is a the very first thing the client sees and first impression is everything. We're going to provide you 60-70 leading sample resumes in the market for guidance. We will have a very good one-on-one conversation about your resume along with our industry expertise, help you to build a great looking resume.

4. Mock Interviews: We also quite a few rounds of mocks interviews until you improve to take the client interview call. The mock interviews are executed in two phases - Technical phase and Project phase. Technical phase is where we're going to ask you questions about BA concepts and Project phase is the place where we check your knowledge in connection with the projects from your very own Resume. Your trainer, senior consultants and guidance counselors are involved in taking mock interviews.

5. Marketing & Placement: You will be assigned a one on one access to a recruiter who will assist you everyday to help you get the client interviews. You will have a 24x7 access to your trainer, senior consultants and guidance counselors until you clear an interview. We guarantee to place you in 4 weeks after training. Once you've cleared a client interview and also are on our payroll, we are going to refund the full security deposit you've paid us for training after six months on the job and payroll with us.

6. On the Job Support: Here at Zarantech we provide you on-the-job support for 3-4 months free of charge. You'll be assigned to a senior consultant, whose job is generally to provide you with 24x7 assistance. Whenever you have an issue or simply just would like to know methods to resolve something while in the client site, you contact the on-the-job support senior consultant. Our job is not merely to help you get a position but to help keep you there as well.

Thanks for visiting us here at ZaranTech and be sure to call back again,

For additional info on getting started as an entry level Business Analyst career, contact us www.baonlinetraining.com or call us at 515-309-7846.

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